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Salt CPD is a new approach to continuing professional development for the financial services industry. Salt is appropriate for staff in banking, funds management, superannuation, Australian credit licensees and Australian financial services licensees, and mortgage brokers.  

The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) was established in April 2017 to set the education, training and ethical standards of licensed financial advisers in Australia. Under the new regime, continuous professional development (CPD) requirements have been significantly enhanced.  

FASEA defines CPD as the complete range of learning activities which professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they retain their capacity to competently practice.

“CPD is an integral part of the professional framework. Not only is it a way of maintaining currency of technical knowledge and ensuring relevant providers remain professional; it is also a way of growing new knowledge and expanding abilities as professionals.”

FASEA has defined the following areas of mandatory content coverage totalling 24 hours per annum. The balance up to 40 hours must consist of qualifying CPD from these categories or other selected by the Adviser or Licensee.  

CPD Library

GRC Solutions has developed the Salt CPD library to address these four categories with a range of resources to ensure financial advisers can remain current and be challenged with relevant and essential learning.  

The library consists of:  

  • Major courses – Each 2-hour course is self-paced and delivered online – 2 CPD points each 
  • Online courses – Each course is self-paced and delivered online – 0.5 – .75 CPD points each.  
  • Articles – a selection of relevant and recent articles specifically curated for financial advisers – 0.25 – .75 CPD points each 
  • Regulatory updates – regularly published relevant updates to ensure your advisers are aware of their obligations – 0.25 – .75 CPD points each 
  • GRC Solutions also provides tailored workshops: 
    • Ethics 
    • Responsible Manager (RG 105) 
    • Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR) 
    • Sanctions 
    • Anti-Money Laundering 
    • Fraud Awareness 

GRC Solutions is the e-learning partner for the Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA). Our program has been developed in association with SAFAA to provide effective, accredited training for their members.  


CPD Platform

Salt is our Compliance Learning Management System. It is a cloud-based platform, allowing your staff access to their training anywhere, any time. It has built in reporting, to allow management to monitor staff progress and check companywide compliance activities in a few clicks.  

The Salt platform is the ideal way to track your advisers’ CPD. Each adviser can be subscribed to a specific CPD profile and earn points as they work through the content.  

  • The platform can be branded to suit your organisation.  
  • Advisers can see how they are tracking from their home page which shows completion dates and points available.  
  • Compliance managers have access to a suite of reporting to help ensure advisers are on track.  
  • External CPD events such as conference attendance can be logged in the system with adviser attestation statements.  

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