Values and Ethics Workshop

This course provides a detailed overview of how values and ethics apply in your organisation – and how they should apply from a legal and policy perspective.

The workshop has two aims: to communicate and instil your company’s values and policies, and to provide participants with a framework for identifying, analysing and resolving ethical dilemmas at work.

This course will teach participants how apply critical thinking skills when encountering a problem, practical tips and workable solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • how a carefully formulated set of values drives the decision-making process at every level within the organisation
  • how do these values translate to you?
  • acting with integrity so that professional and ethical decisions can be made
  • applying critical thinking skills to help you come to an ethical decision
  • the relationship between values, governance and ethics
  • look into what frameworks can be been adopted to better understand how the decision-making process works

The length of this workshop will be tailored to match the training needs of your organisation. We recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours to include time for participants to ask questions to further develop their understanding.