Fraud Awareness Workshop

This interactive workshop is invaluable for anyone interested in countering organisational fraud as it provides participants with the knowledge and tools to tackle the problem.

We will demonstrate what you can do to pre-empt and prevent fraud. Participants will learn how to spot fraud and develop their own fraud and corruption risk assessment:

  • Understand and conduct an effective fraud risk assessment
  • Identify key factors that should be considered when assessing fraud risk
  • Examine methods to address fraud risks identified during the risk assessment process
  • Identify fraud risks and the factors that influence them
  • Analyse existing risk management frameworks and their application
  • Develop and implement the necessary components of a successful fraud risk management program
  • Promote fraud awareness to employees at all levels of the organisation

We use a mixture of recent, real cases, and scenario analysis, including previously imposed fines, business limitations, licence revocations and personal punishments.

The length of this workshop will be tailored to match the training needs of your organisation. We recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours to include time for participants to ask questions to further develop their understanding.