Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

This practical and hands-on workshop analyses what defines an inclusive workplace culture and, more practically, shows how employees can apply a working definition of diversity in their jobs.

When developing the workshop, we will look at your organisation’s unique composition and challenges, and develop a range of case studies and examples to match. As every business is vastly different, giving the training a tailored flavour will create maximum impact.

The training is set against a backdrop of bullying and harassment standards and laws, and we will delve into the many grey areas of what is, and isn’t acceptable behaviour at work:

  • why is diversity and inclusion such a prominent topic?
  • how to be more inclusive with communications and behaviours
  • explore staff’s unconscious bias and how behaviours are manifested
  • analyse recent cases and relevant examples
  • workplace behaviour vs social media

We use a mixture of recent, real cases, and scenario analysis, including imposed fines, business limitations and personal punishments.

This workshop can be tailored to include your organisation’s Code of Conduct policy. We recommend a minimum workshop duration of 1.5 hours to include time for participants to ask questions.