Bribery and Corruption Workshop

The workshop provides an overview of key local and international standards and laws that relate to bribery and corruption.

It includes an overview of key policy measures a company can take in safeguarding the organisation – in particular around facilitation payments, and gifts and entertainment.

We will analyse effective anti-corruption policies and how these can manage risk and meet stakeholder expectations.

The training will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to bribery and corruption
  • What does it mean in practical terms for your organisation?
  • Specific examples of what is and is not acceptable (eg in terms of gifts and entertainment)
  • Detection and prevention
  • Supply chain/third party implications
  • Penalties and other ramifications to individuals and organisations
  • Other negative impacts

We use a mixture of recent, real cases, and scenario analysis, including previously imposed fines, business limitations, licence revocations and personal punishments.

The length of this workshop will be tailored to match the training needs of your organisation. We recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours to include time for participants to ask questions to further develop their understanding.