Anti-Money Laundering Workshop

Increased scrutiny from the G20 on money laundering practices, changes to the Financial Action Task Force Recommendations and an increased appetite for sanctions against offending firms have contributed to increased regulatory burdens.

This session gives an overview of the current liability regime globally, but with a focus on Anti Money Laundering and local legislation:

  • current priorities and recent legislative changes locally and globally
  • emerging financial crime and conduct risk issues
  • how to review adequacy of awareness levels and suitability of existing controls
  • how to implement enhancements and positive cultural changes in response to lessons learnt from investigations and prosecutions
  • the risk-based approach advocated by ISO 19600
  • implications of changed recommendations by the Financial Action Task Force and developments in Mutual Evaluation reports

We use a mixture of recent, real cases, and scenario analysis, including previously imposed fines, business limitations, licence revocations and personal punishments.

The length of this workshop will be tailored to match the training needs of your organisation. We recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours to include time for participants to ask questions to further develop their understanding.