Mutual Banking Sector

GRC Solutions has acquired the Compliance business from the Customer Owned Banking Association from the 1 July 2017.

The Customer Owned Banking Association is the industry body for mutual banks, credit unions and building societies, representing around 80 member organisations. GRC Solutions are excited to be working with this sector.

Bringing the COBA Compliance business on board will allow us to further develop their excellent product – that is so closely targeted to your industry sector –by leveraging GRC Solutions team’s expertise in e-learning, as well as the sophistication and flexibility of the technology we employ.

We feel that the combination of the two teams will be very positive for the industry, providing both with new capability and expertise.

Initially there will be no changes to services. Member organisations can continue to purchase subscriptions and download training and compliance resources from the COBA portal.

Over time we will work to integrate our solutions with the current COBA Compliance product suite.


Click to view our training resources

  • AML/CTF Training Package
  • Anti-Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment Training Package
  • COBCOP Training Modules
  • Common Reporting Standard Training Module
  • Complaints Handling Training Module
  • Credit Act & Code Training Package
  • Credit News
  • Customer Types Training and Resources
  • The Decisive Board

Click to view our training resources

  • ePayments Code Training Package
  • FATCA Training
  • Financial Services Tier 2 Training Package
  • Personal Property Securities Training Modules
  • Privacy and Credit Reporting Training Modules package
  • Protecting Vulnerable Customers from Potential Financial Abuse
  • Tax File Number and Withholding Tax Training Module
  • Workplace Health and Safety Training Package


Click to view our Compliance Resources

  • AML/CTF Compliance Manual
  • AML Risk Scoring Tool – Annual Licence Fee
  • AML Program Pro Forma
  • Addressing Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace
  • APRA CPS 510 Governance Compliance Manual
  • Australian Privacy Principles Compliance Manual
  • Business Transfers for Mutual ADIs
  • Capital and Risk Management for Customer-Owned ADIs
  • Change Notification Requirements Ready Reckoner
  • Common Reporting Standard Compliance Manual
  • Compliant Fees Resources Kit
  • Corporations Act Compliance Manual
  • Credit Act & Code Compliance Manuals Suite
  • Credit Code Standard Documents
  • Credit Reporting Compliance Manual
  • Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice Compliance Manual
  • Deceased Estates – Dealing with Deceased Estates
  • Disciplinary Action & Termination Manual
  • ePayments Code Manual
  • Enterprise Agreement Guide
  • Financial Product Advertising Manual
  • Financial Services Compliance Manual Suite
  • Fit and Proper Compliance Manual

Click to view our Compliance Resources

  • Garnishee and Statutory Notices Compliance Manual
  • Guide to lost members, dormant accounts & unclaimed money
  • Guide to the Operation of Children’s Accounts
  • Loan Guarantor Resources
  • Making Sense of the Prudential Standards
  • Mortgagee Sales Guide
  • Personal Property Securities Guide
  • Personal Property Securities (PPS) Standard Documents
  • Plain English Home Mortgage – Memorandum of Mortgage & Commentary
  • Power of Attorney Guide
  • Qualifications and Training – a guide to your legal obligations
  • Ready Reckoner for Types of Entities
  • Record retention – a guide to your legal obligations
  • Regulatory Schedule
  • Reporting Calendar for Customer Owned ADIs
  • Social Media Guide
  • Statutory Trust Accounts Guide
  • Takeover Response Manual
  • Tax File Number Compliance Manual
  • Workplace Health and Safety Guide
  • FATCA Compliance Manual
  • FATCA Local Bank Status Guide

New Contact Details

These are the people who can help you with our products and services – not only the former COBA Compliance products, but also the extensive compliance and business support services offered by the GRC Solutions team.

Simo Buzanin

Account Manager
Phone: 03 9108 0541

Tricia Clarke

Business Development/Account Manager WA & SA
Phone: 08 6230 2096

Dean Rogers Business Development Manager, SA, TAS & VIC. Dean is a vital member of the GRC Solutions team.

Dean Rogers

Head of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 03 9012 8532

Mary Hague

Business Development Manager NSW & QLD
Phone: 02 8823 4115

Michael Funston

Senior Manager, Legal & Compliance
Phone: 02 8823 4155

Guy Griffin

Senior Lawyer
Phone: 02 8823 4154

Cypriana Tshai

Compliance Adviser
Phone: 02 8823 4107

Peter Hughes

Compliance Adviser
Phone: 02 8823 4151

Liam O'Brien, Senior Consultant. Liam is a vital member of the GRC Solutions team.

Liam O’Brien

Senior Consultant (Brisbane-based)
Phone: 07 3056 1840

Bill Tarrant

Product & Events Coordinator
Phone: 02 8823 4152

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