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Contract Fundamentals

“Critical issues can often be overcome if the parties have a comprehensive knowledge of what it is that makes and breaks a contract.”

Making contracts work

Contracts form the basis of all business transactions but, in reality, it is the source of much contention when something doesn’t go exactly to plan.

SALT Contract Fundamentals provides you with the tools to better understand the issues associated with the pre-contractual process. In addition this course provides an insight into the meaning of terms in contracts and the mechanics of how a contract is formed and implemented.

The rights and duties of different parties are examined in the light of legislative requirements and the requirements under the general law.

Who is this training for?

This course arms you with the knowledge to make contracts work in the day-to-day operation of your organisation. The training is designed for staff at any level that could be at risk.

Custom Courses

Due to the high demand of this course we now have a second off-the shelf, industry-specific course available:

Contract Fundamentals for the Construction Industry

Course Outline

Module 1:Introduction to contract law
Module 2:Pre-contractual issues
Module 3:Contract terms
Module 4:Risk Management
Module 5:Contract mechanics