Listen to our expert panellists’ views on data protection and information security in our latest video

The latest instalment of GRCSolutionsTV is now online. This covers the first part of our recent successful compliance forum, held in Sydney, on Data Protection and Information Security. This interactive forum generated a lot of healthy discussion about what organisations can do to prevent breaches, and what legal obligations and rights do we have to keep data secure. It also considered what’s the best way to manage a media response in the event of a data breach.

We asked a panel of experts on their views relating to the recent Snowden-PRISM case. Is he a traitor or a whistle-blower? We also looked at what protections we have in Australia, and where do the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties apply. The panel also considered what media response the US Government might use now that they have been exposed for spying on not only their own people but also their allies. Finally the panel were asked their views on the fact that information flows through a public infrastructure that everyone has access to, & little control over.

Thank you to our panellists below for their time and thoughts on this interesting topic:

  • Geoffrey Stackhouse, Managing Director of Clarity Business Solutions
  • Heather Tropman, Group Executive Data, Int’l Data + Voice Macquarie Telecom
  • Stephen Dunkerley, a professional executive with extensive group technology and corporate services leadership experience

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