Compliance Evangelist & GRC Solutions – Podcast

Justin Muscolino, our Head of Compliance Training North America has been interviewed by Tom FoxCompliance Evangelist in this very informative podcast where they talk all about compliance training and how to help organisations. This podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Megaphone.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. Why do organisations struggle so much with culture and what compliance training do to improve this?
  2. What do organisations often get wrong when it comes to training?
  3. What happens when organisations do not target their training?
  4. One of the issues that organisations face is measuring the effectiveness of their training benchmarking as to whether their compliance is working. How can a compliance professional use benchmarking?
  5. In a blog post on the GRC Solutions website we talk about ways to train compliance professionals on how to improve their cultures. How can you train compliance officers around this issue?
  6. What advice is there for companies trying to incorporate the right culture into their organisations?