Our Story

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions is a recognised leader in online compliance training. We have been providing services to the industry for over twenty years.

Our approach to training is different, agile and modern. We combine our technical expertise and adult education knowledge to develop user friendly training that is legally comprehensive and current but also practical, relevant and engaging for non-lawyers.

We started back in the late 1990’s as Legal Technology Group, a small department within a large law firm. We provided a range of technological publishing innovations to assist the firm’s clients on legal matters.

One of our biggest achievements during this time was the development of SALT (Self-Administered Legal Training) a practical online training program aimed at assisting businesses to teach their staff about their legal obligations. This product along with our Salt Compliance library of training courses has been with us ever since. It has evolved with the times and we have expanded our offering considerably. We are still known by many as the SALT training providers.

In 2012 we decided to become an independent business and established GRC Solutions. We are experts in compliance training, servicing a wide range of industries and jurisdictions. We specialise in adaptive eLearning technologies for compliance, improving speed to competency and reducing mandatory training hours

In 2014 we opened our Singapore office and in 2016 we opened our New York office. This allowed us to better serve these regions and develop products and services based on local requirements and expectations.

In 2017 we acquired the renowned Compliance Division of the Customer-Owned Banking Association. This acquisition has expanded our product suite for compliance training within the banking sector and also our team of experts who have wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector.

Our Philosophy

At GRC Solutions, we recognise that it is important to:

  • Respect Employees’ Time

    Keep reasonable demands on employees’ time. Compliance training requirements are high and continue to rise.

  • Manage employees’ perception

    Manage employees’ perception of compliance training. Staff are liable to view mandatory training on the same content year in, year out as a box-ticking exercise that doesn’t take into account their knowledge and experience.

  • Up to date Courses

    Update courses to stay consistent with latest regulations. Regulations are changing all the time. This makes it harder to deliver high-quality courses at a reasonable cost.

  • mitigate risks

    Identify problematic areas and pro-actively mitigate risks. Most organisations lack tools that would allow them to capture and turn relevant learning data into useful information.

  • Prove Compliance

    Demonstrate compliance to regulators and shareholders. Given recent compliance issues in several industries, the relevant stakeholders continue raising their expectations on compliance training programs.

Speed to Competence

Our philosophy revolves around speed to competence. For us, that means helping time-poor learners achieve competence in the shortest amount of time possible while still ensuring that the training content remains legally comprehensive.

We promote speed to competence in a couple of ways:

  • Module Allocation

    Our courses are broken down into modules of around 20 minutes each. Employees can be assigned specific modules that relate to their job role, ensuring training is relevant and necessary for that job role.

  • Adaptive Learning

    Adaptive learning is perfect for organisations that need to complete annual training for all staff. Adaptive learning assesses employees on their current knowledge and then training focuses solely on the areas for improvement. This reduces training time and reduces pushback from employees.

We offer more than just e-learning. We are specialised risk and compliance training experts that understand the specific challenges and obligations legally required in compliance programs.

We make complex risk and compliance concepts accessible through plain language and clean, sharp designs that supplement the content without distracting learners from the serious nature of the topics or adding to the amount of time it takes to complete the training.