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GRC Solutions are the award-wining providers of online compliance training for organisations across the Asia Pacific. We have a small, tight knit team of just over 20 staff spread across our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Singapore. Our team is filled with experts in the Legal, Design, Publishing, Sales, IT, Marketing, Client Service and Finance fields.

We are constantly expanding and looking for new opportunities to improve ourselves and our innovative e-learning technology. We combine this technology, outstanding customer service and smart, tailored solutions to satisfy our clients’ compliance training needs.

GRC Solutions strives to provide a challenging workplace environment where employees can endeavour to achieve their best whilst being recognised and rewarded for their efforts. This ensures professional development within a culture that is enthusiastic, dynamic, high on trust and low on politics.

GRC Solutions also promotes maintaining a healthy work-life balance with their flexible workplace initiatives. We are committed to this because we want to attract and retain only the best talent to work at GRC Solutions. If you would like to join our diverse team of friendly, smart, ambitious and service-driven people, please email us at

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Working with us

As a university student new to the workforce, I could not recommend GRC Solutions highly enough.

GRC gave me an incredible platform to launch my legal career. I was afforded the opportunity to work in an extremely supportive, hard-working and collaborative team and to gain exposure to an incredibly broad and interesting range of laws and topics, ranging from anti-money laundering to modern slavery. The freedom and responsibility to focus on projects of interest to me, and exposure to major national and international clients across various industries and jurisdiction have given me invaluable skills and knowledge that no other organisation was capable of providing.

The mentorship, understanding and support that defines GRC’s culture and the flexibility shown to me when university commitments arose enabled me to balance my work and study commitments.

There is no “typical day” at GRC. Every day offers new learning opportunities and challenges and to work alongside talented, passionate and energetic people.

Jessica Everingham

GRC Solutions is a unique workplace. At GRC I was given the opportunity to read widely and deeply on many areas of law. This broad exposure to such diverse topics was a valuable extension of what I had learned at university. Working with clients from a wide range of industries also gave me insight into the needs of businesses ranging in size, industry and objectives.

The working culture at GRC is incredibly positive and collaborative. The team approached every project with enthusiasm, always ready to support each other and keen to contribute their own unique skill set. I felt my professional development was also always actively supported. The result was a highly professional, highly skilled team that was an absolute pleasure to work with, and that encouraged me to contribute my best work.

I highly recommend GRC Solutions as a unique work place that contributed greatly to my professional development and was a lot of fun in the process.

Laura Curtis

Ritam Mitra, Content writer.During my time at GRC Solutions, I worked with an extremely talented, diverse and creative team to create legal compliance training that is widely regarded as the best in the Asia-Pacific region.

As a university student, the opportunity to work with major Australian and international clients across an incredibly broad range of laws, industries and jurisdictions, was unique. It allowed me to develop skills that no other organisation or firm was capable of providing, particularly with the flexibility shown to me when university commitments arose.

The significant level of responsibility I was given, under the guidance of hugely experienced managers, handed me a valuable advantage in a competitive legal market. The energetic, driven and happy team culture saw me develop close and enduring friendships that will continue for years to come. GRC Solutions is without a doubt the best opportunity that I was given in 5 years of university.

I could not recommend it more highly.

Ritam Mitra