Tell our account manager about your content, audience, objectives, systems, preferences, and timeline. Look at some examples of our work.


We outline the course we recommend building and what that will cost, including instructional design, illustrations, voice-over, or any translations.


Compare our offer, timeline and terms against alternatives. If you want to work with us, sign a purchase order that outlines key deliverables


Meet your course producer! They work with your staff, our team, and contractors to build the best possible learning experience, from analysis through concept to production and testing.


Review the finished course. Get your team to test drive it. Gather feedback on content, structure, adaptivity patterns, illustrations, and assessments.


Start using our course. We give you everything you need to deliver the course through your standard LMS.


Are learners not getting a particular section? Do we need to tweak the illustrations?

Let’s work together to fix any problems — we take pride in our work and want to make sure you get a great product.

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