Salt Compliance courses are built on, powered by, and analyzed using our Course Platform (CP) – a cloud-based platform that allows management of courses through their lifecycle whilst still remaining compatible with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Our course platform enables effective, fast creation of courses that provide a consistent, adaptive learning experience across all platforms and devices, generate advanced analytics, and are easily maintainable, even in multiple languages.

As a web-application, the platform consists of different but tightly integrated parts. Whilst our in-house Course Producers use the core authoring module to build your courses, you can access everything you need from a single interface: our customer dashboard.

About Our Dashboard

During the lifecycle of a course, most customers want to test-drive different course versions, review and update content, download a SCORM package for your LMS, and access analytics. That’s what our dashboard is for – it allows you to do all of these from a single place.

Test Driving Courses

Compared to most traditional e-learning vendors, we believe in a far more agile, iterative course development process. Instead of spending weeks drafting storyboards, we like to prototype a course, have you try it out, and then rapidly iterate on structure, content, assessments, adaptivity, and style.

To facilitate this process, you can always use the dashboard to take the latest version of any course. Edits by both you and us are incorporated and available in real time.

Light Editing

The most frustrating part of building a course is the last 30%. Typically, this time consists of a long series of small tweaks to style, language, questions etc, often passed back and forth in endless files with annotations.

At GRC Solutions, we have drastically simplified this process. Our light editing interface allows you and other reviewers to view the entire course as one long page, make changes, and then immediately take the updated course.

Managing Translations

Managing the translation process for multi-language courses has traditionally been a frustrating, error-prone, time-consuming process.

With Salt Compliance, once we’ve imported agency translations, your internal reviewers can use the multi-language version of our light-editing interface to compare the courses side-by-side and make changes on the spot.

SCORM Wrapper for your LMS

Salt Compliance courses are SCORM compatible. To add the course to your LMS, simply download a SCORM wrapper from the dashboard to enable your learners to access the course on our platform.

No special integration is required — for LMS admins and learners alike, the experience with uploading, launching, and reporting completion is exactly the same as with a traditional course.

Analytics and Visualisations

Once you’ve released the course, you can access learning analytics and visualizations from the dashboard.

If you’re launching the course from your LMS, you continue to receive simple analytics (completion, date, score) there. In addition, however, you can now access more advanced and detailed analytics on Salt Compliance, including unit break-downs like time to completion or number of reviews, performance on assessments, or variation in behavior by language.

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