What if we don’t have a Learning Management System (LMS)?

If you don’t have an LMS, you can use Salt Adaptive for the roll-out: Salt Adaptive allows you to set up user accounts, create groups, assign Salt Compliance courses to learners, have them complete the training, and access reports and analytics.

When used to manage roll-outs, Salt Adaptive effectively acts as a “light” LMS. Many of our customers who do not have an LMS use Salt Adaptive in this way.

What if our regulations limit what learning data we can collect?

Before rolling out your course, we can configure Salt Adaptive to determine what learning data is captured when your employees learn.

Depending on the regulations of your country and/or company, you can tell us what kind of data should be stored, whether it should be anonymised or not, and who should have access to it.

What is your approach to instructional design?

To learn more about our perspective on instructional design and building great courses, we recommend reading some of the articles on our blog, including Better design principles and Better learning principles.

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