By integrating our proprietary technology with production services, our courses outperform alternatives during all three parts of the course life cycle: Development, Learning, and Evaluation.

In addition, if you need to accumulate reliable and complete training evidence, Salt Compliance courses offer significantly higher Security than courses built using traditional client-side approaches.

1. Development

Short Iteration Cycles and Time to Delivery

Short iteration cycles and time-to-delivery

To build a course, you shouldn’t have to keep emailing files or storyboards back and forth between everyone for months. We build courses by prototyping in real-time. This makes the process faster and easier for you.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Changing a few words in a course shouldn’t take a week and cost a fortune. We do it in a few hours, for free. Similarly, managing multiple language versions shouldn’t be a full-time job in itself. When working with us, you get relialiability, quality, and speed.

Simple Deployment – Just Upload Our Course To Your LMS

To roll-out our course, just upload it to your existing Learning Management System (LMS), like you would with any others. Salt Compliance courses are fully SCORM compatible.

2. Learning

Learners Like Salt Compliance Courses More

E-learning is unpopular because the learning experience is often poor: linear, old-fashioned, and gimicky. Our courses have modern flat design and are adaptive, i.e. they personalise themselves automatically to each learner. This means that people actually like taking them.

Salt Compliance Courses Are More Effective

Learners who like courses pay more attention and so learn more. In addition, the same personalisation that leads to higher engagement also boosts retention. For example, our adaptive courses ensure that problematic areas are reviewed more than once.

Salt Compliance Courses Work On Any Device

Start a course at your desk and continue on your tablet or smartphone on a train? Picking up exactly where you left off? Absolutely. Salt Compliance courses work on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and platforms (web, iOS, Android).

3. Evaluation

Understand More About Your Learners Than Ever Before

After rolling out a Salt Compliance course, you can analyse an unparalleled range of data points that explain how your staff learnt the content and performed on assessments. Find out what grabs their attention, the questions they struggled with, and compare those patterns across your company.

Use Visualisations To Discover Key Insights

To help you get the most out of our advanced learning analytics, we also provide a suite of visualisation tools that help you analyse and understand the data in a way that’s both effective and easy to use.

Calculate Accurate ROI and Improve Budget Allocation

How can you calculate ROI on e-learning if the only data point you get is whether people took the course or not? We agree, you can’t. That’s why we provide a range of statistics that help you identify the courses that are working and discover why.

4. Security

Resilient Against SCORM Attacks

By modelling learner’s knowledge based on individual responses, Salt Compliance determines completion in a way that cannot be hacked – unlike traditional SCORM courses.

More Reliable Training Evidence

Instead of using exclusively client-side reported learning data (e.g. SCORM) which can be easily faked, Salt Compliance LearnerLogs rely on our server-side architecture to collect, assess, and store learner actions and responses.

More Complete Training Evidence

Instead of relying on binary yes/no completion data, Salt Compliance LearnerLogs provide the full, timestamped history of learner actions (moving to the next slide, answering a question, etc.).

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