Data and analytics have become instrumental for effective and efficient decision making and process improvement. Most e-learning courses, however, still produce only a rudimentary data set: completion time, status, and perhaps a score.

Courses powered by the Salt Adaptive are different — in addition to delivering the usual data points in your LMS, you can use our analytics and visualizations to understand more about your course and your learners.

Assessment Analytics

How do learners react to different types of assessments throughout the course?

Do they opt to take the assessments early? How does their performance vary across individual units and questions?

Engagement Analytics

How do learners consume core teaching content?

Where do they spend their time, and how does that vary between people? Are there areas of the course that receive particularly low or high engagement?


How do certain groups compare with others?

What do the best learners do differently from the rest of the class? What’s unique about the learning behavior of those who struggle?

Two Way Filtering

On Salt Compliance, all comparisons can be run both ways.

This means that you can either choose to find all learners who meet a given criterion (e.g. performance on assessments), or choose a set of learners and see how they did compared to the rest.

Easy Export

To perform custom analysis or otherwise work with the data outside of our system, you can always export and download the full data set.

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