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COBA 2017 – the Customer Owned Banking Convention: 22-24 October 2017 | Brisbane

GRC Solutions will exhibiting at this years COBA 2017 – the Customer Owned Banking Convention. We look forward to attending this convention that highlights the role of credit unions, building societies, mutual banks and friendly societies play in the retail financial services sector and the community.

COBA 2017 – the Customer Owned Banking Convention, will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 22-24 October 2017.

Events We Are Hosting

CISI Combating Financial Crime Riyadh, KSA 19 – 23 November 2017

A persistent threat over recent decades and a continuing burden to global economic development, financial crime, fraud, corruption, and money laundering, has developed into a focal point in the continued development of financial services. With an ever expanding armoury of regulation, and with criminals more intent on exploiting systemic gaps than ever before, this programme will look at ways to minimise institutional risk and reduce potential exposure to growing threat of both internal and external financial crime. This course will give participants of detailed overview of the history and background of financial crime, money laundering, fraud prevention, bribery, and corruption, looking at a wide range of financial crime scenarios to develop a deep understanding of these issues from a theoretical and practical perspective. The program is focused on the financial services industry, looking at the role of regulators, international bodies, and NGO’s. It will aim to develop skills to help organisations minimise their exposure and risk to this growing area of global crime, using current trends and typologies to adequately establish frameworks for continued deterrence.

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