GRC Legal and Compliance Obligations Registers

Government regulators, shareholders, suppliers and clients in industries ranging from pharmaceutical, construction, education and financial services are demanding that organisations implement and report on legal and compliance requirements to mitigate risk in an efficient and transparent manner. Globally, organisations are bound by complex and ever-changing legal and compliance obligations. Without monitoring compliance, and optimising business performance based on the intelligence gained from governance, risk and compliance related activities, many businesses will struggle to survive.

Ensuring your staff are aware of their legal and compliance obligations can be a challenge. For the majority of organisations, legal and compliance obligations are not being managed effectively, if at all. Those organisations that do have a handle on their requirements will generally be using spreadsheets to manage their legal and compliance obligations.

Spreadsheets are an inefficient way to manage compliance, not only can they be huge, they are also often significantly out of date and do not lend themselves to effective workflows between users. Without the ability to assign tasks, collaborate, report and provide an audit trail on tasks and changes, spreadsheets are static instruments providing minimal risk mitigation.

Using The GRC Legal & Compliance Obligations Register, organisations can manage all of their compliance obligations on one secure centralised repository that allows you to keep on top of your obligations whilst showing evidence of compliance.

The team at GRC Solutions can work with you to develop the content to ensure your obligations are expressed in plain English and kept up to date with changes in legislation, or assist you to import your existing spreadsheet registers, the choice is yours.

Features of the GRC Legal Obligations Register:

•Full text and universal search function sorted by topic, subtopic, facility, priority or job role
•Accessible by multiple users at the same time
•Access and editing security levels are determined by user role, from “read only” through to “full editing capability”
•Obligations can be delegated to individual users or job roles
•Priority levels and due dates can be assigned to obligations and filtered accordingly
•The obligations can be kept up-to-date with the latest legislation by your organisation or by GRC Solutions
•Real-time updates immediately available to all users
•Audit tracking to determine where obligations have been changed, when and by whom
•Easily import content and export to Microsoft Word, PDF or Excel.

For more more information on the GRC Legal & Compliance Obligations Register please contact us for more information.