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Events we are attending

LearnX Summit and Awards show

6 September 2017

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

GRC Solutions will exhibiting at this years LearnX Summit and Awards show. We look forward to networking with the best and brightest minds in the education space.

The LearnX Foundation is an independent non-profit event management and design agency that operates to amplify the impact of talent development and supporting technologies, through its live summits and international awards programs. With a decade of experience in summit and awards management, LearnX is now a catalyst for many important works across various industries. It serves as a strategic platform for enterprises and their talent to learn, share, network and celebrate their best works.

Events we are hosting

Sam Gibbins, Asia General Manager

Global Regulatory Challenges and Compliance Best Practice Webinar

3 August 2017 12:00 PM AEST

Please join us for an interactive webinar session hosted by Sam Gibbins on the topic of Global Regulatory Challenges and Compliance Best Practices.

Conduct Risk, Risk Culture and Behavioural Compliance: current hot topics for regulators focusing increasingly on the nature of individual, business unit, and organisational behavior. How are we setting our risk culture, managing our conduct and working to improve these across our business, at both the micro and macro level?

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Measures, Economic & White Collar Crime: regulatory and legal fines for fraudulent conduct and corruption shows no sign of abating, including for historic offences and not having adequate preventive measures. We will look at how this can be tied into corporate culture to build a workforce able to identify and prevent economic crimes.

CISI Combating Financial Crime

Riyadh, KSA

19 – 23 November 2017

A persistent threat over recent decades and a continuing burden to global economic development, financial crime, fraud, corruption, and money laundering, has developed into a focal point in the continued development of financial services. With an ever expanding armoury of regulation, and with criminals more intent on exploiting systemic gaps than ever before, this programme will look at ways to minimise institutional risk and reduce potential exposure to growing threat of both internal and external financial crime. This course will give participants of detailed overview of the history and background of financial crime, money laundering, fraud prevention, bribery, and corruption, looking at a wide range of financial crime scenarios to develop a deep understanding of these issues from a theoretical and practical perspective. The program is focused on the financial services industry, looking at the role of regulators, international bodies, and NGO’s. It will aim to develop skills to help organisations minimise their exposure and risk to this growing area of global crime, using current trends and typologies to adequately establish frameworks for continued deterrence.

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